Places to Visit in Bharatpur

Bharatpur India points of interest Bharatpur is a district within Rajasthan and 7 best places to visit in Bharatpur are as below but before you know what are these you should know where is Bharatpur and what it valued in history it is also known as the Eastern Gate of Rajasthan, as you all know that there are millions of people here every year.

places to visit in bharatpur
places to visit in Bharatpur

It comes inside the Braj region, and it is fame like the invincible state in history lohagarh fort/Bharatpur palace. Is Bharatpur worth a visit? ,no ..never..tourist palace Bharatpur It is 180 km south of Delhi And 178 kilometers away from Jaipur, which is the capital of Rajasthan and 58km away from Agra, where Taj Mahal is quite festive, and it’s just 38 kilometers away from Mathura ( the birthplace of Lord Krishna ) History of Bharatpur has been very interesting. The stories here are so fond of that the people still remember the shouting

now according to our keyword the seven most crucial visit places and Bharatpur tourism guide/Bharatpur points of interest are as follows.

1. Laxman Mandir/best places to visit in Bharatpur

laxman mandir
Laxman Mandir

Enjoying the view of the Laxan Temple in the evening, it is fun to see. There is quite a stir in the evening it is quite fun at this intersection in the evening. This is the central market of Bharatpur anyway Lord Ram’s younger brother, Laxman, considered the king here as his totem. Hence the temple was built. It
is the only temple of lord Laxman in all over India here you can see the ancient idol/statue of Lord Laxman. The temple is massive here you will find everything in the market around the temple, from needle to sword.
Whoever buys the sword today anyway.Here you will find plenty of food stalls in the evening, and on the evening there will be a rush. It is a place to visit in Bharatpur in evening

2. Jawahar Burj

jawahar Burj
Jawahar Burj


If you are a peaceful person, then you should see Jawahar Burj. This is situated at a high place inside the Bharatpur, Fort. This place has a solid iron pillar. It is also known as the family tree of Bharatpur dynasty. The names of all the kings of Bharatpur Dynasty are mentioned on this Family Tree.
Here is a small temple of Hindu Lord Hanuman Ji From here you can see the entire Bharatpur city.Here you will experience a strange peace. Like the souls of all the kings of the dynasty itself feel us an incredible peace. It is among best places to visit in Bharatpur for peaceful person’s
If you want to come to Bharatpur then surely visit here

3.Government museum Bharatpur Rajasthan

bharatpur museum
bharatpur museum

There is an old fort Inside the fort wall of Bharatpur which has now become a Government Museum.
Here is a collection of very ancient things. There is a collection of bullets ranging from cannon to here.
There is a big PAN/FRYER here about which there is a story that one of the most influential soldiers of the King used to eat it in full food. There are also much stone-statues some are broken, but some are still in good shape. It is among must-visit places to visit in Bharatpur. You will find here the genealogy of kings and their Pictures here too (some of Which is probably sketch work but it’s quite good ) If you want to know about the history of Bharatpur, then visit this museum once. I promise you will not be disappointed

government museum Bharatpur timings: Tuesday closed

4. bake Bihari temple

baanke bihari
Banke Bihari

There is also a bike Bihari temple inside the fort wall of Bharatpur. Well, there are many temples in Bharatpur, but The Banke Bihari temple is the most famous temple of Bharatpur. Apart from this there  are more temples in which the main ones are Ganga temple, Laxman temple, pitambara Mata temple (inside fort wall), Satyanarayana temple, sai temple, laturiya wale hanuman Ji temple, kaale hanuman Ji temple, Keoladeo temple, Arya Samaj temple, purneshwar Mahadev temple, Ganesh temple, sirki waale
hanuman Ji temple and many more, but bake Bihari temple is famous among all. one of the spiritual places to visit in Bharatpur

5. Kishori Mahal Bharatpur


This is a small castle/palace inside the wall of the fort. It was built by Maharaja Surajmal, in which his queen Kishori Devi used to be. Hence the name was named Kishori Mahal. This palace building is magnificent. In front of the main gate, there is the statue of Maharaja Surajmal full man size.It is a large quadrangle when entering the palace, in which the events related to the life of Maharaja Surajmal have been depicted. one of the best places to visit in Bharatpur

6.deeg palace


Deeg India points of interest One of the fantastic place to visit in Bharatpur. Deg Mahal is a 32-kilometer distance from Bharatpur district. Here is the month of September every year, the fair is organized for three days.Dag Mahal is also famous as Jal Mahal.The main attraction of the fort is the surveillance tower/watchtower, from where not only can the whole castle be seen but also the entire city There are fountains in the palace garden which are still operated twice a year
There is a lot to see here.

7. Bharatpur bird sanctuary Keoladeo national park

bharatpur bird sanctuary
Bharatpur bird sanctuary

It is among must-visit places to visit in Bharatpur. Here every year millions of tourists come to roam in winter season It is mainly famous for the Siberian crane. It was the only habitat of the Siberian crane in the world other than Siberia. Here these birds come and done reproduction. This is the only bird sanctuary in Rajasthan in India. it is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO
THERE are around 364 species of birds recorded. It is the best place for bird lovers to roam. It is located along the national highway 11 in Bharatpur near Saras chowk. There are plenty of hotels nearby, so there is no problem with the accommodation and all hotels itself arrange guides for you too. The list ends with this of best places to visit in Bharatpur

Keoladeo national park best time to visit: October till march

Keoladeo federal park entry fees: Entry Fee for Indians: 50 Rs. Entry Fee for Foreigners: 400 Rs.

bharatpur bird sanctuary from Delhi: Delhi to Bharatpur distance is 183 km you can take a train from the nzm railway station or New Delhi

Bharatpur bird sanctuary best time to visit: 8 am to 5 pm
Price: Rs. 50 per person for Indians; Rs. 400 per person for foreign tourists; Rs. 100 for the rickshaw ride
Location: Agra-Jaipur Highway, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

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